A 2 week deposit is required to hold your child's spot before first attending. 1 week is non-refundable as a holding fee.
Tuition is due at the beginning of each week of care.

Food: Snacks and Lunches

Tuition covers the cost of snacks and lunches however parents are responsible for providing formula, baby food, wipes and diapers. We have backups if forgotten but you will get a reminder in your childs bag of what is getting low.

Nutritious meals are a must. As such, JLHDC is a part of the California Department of Education Food Program (CACFP).

Open Door Policy

Our Director's door is open anytime and of course parents are always welcome to just drop on in.


Families receive 50% off tuition 1 time credit the first year only after attending 6 months 1 month notice must be given so that we can maintain your child's spot in our roster).
JLHDC will also take 2 week vacation time off Along with 4 sick days that is paid.
Please check our calendar page on which days we will be closed (such as all Federal Holidays).


Medication should be administered at home unless a note is sent from the doctor. This is a state Law.


To protect the other children and the staff, no child will be permitted to attend in daycare with the following symptoms:

  • Fever over 99
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive Diarrhea
  • Persistant Cough
  • Continuous cough
  • All required vaccinations are to be up to date before starting care


    Three bites and your out policy You will be notified if your child bites and have to pick them up. If it contines up to 3 times a 2 week notice will be given and care will be terminated.


    Please remember bumps and bruises are inevitable when a child plays.
    I will treat minor scarapes and and injuries with bandaid For serious injuries I will notify you right away of what to do. If it is a serious life threatening I call 911 right away We will keep your child as safe as possible.


    A month notice must be given when removing a child from our care.